SHG Products

The details of SHGs and their respective activity can be availed at our office. We also maintains their product in our showcase and sell those for visitors and public.

Food Processing

The registered SHG delivers the traditional food like pitha, ladu, salted items etc as per order. The CLC also takes order for SHG made food items supply for different official event

Kids Dressware

Kids traditional dresses are prepared as per order. Some of the sample of kids dressware are kept for sell.

Information Center

The different information of govt. schemes that are running under DAY-NULM can be availed easily at our door step

Skill Training & Services

The visitors can avail skill training courses for free of cost for their better livlihood. However, some of the skill service people can be hired for different home services

Mobile Shop

On occasion basis, the CLC can move to different location for advertising and selling the SHG products in public programs